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We provide advisory services to governments and the private sector on large scale project financing, restructuring of central and conventional banks, co-op insurance (Takaful) and reinsurance.

About Us

iFinancial Management S.A.(“iFinancial”) was established to be the “point of reference” and a financial advisory service institution for various governments, central banks, commercial and investment banking community and insurance companies who desire to develop strategies for financing specific projects outside the run of the mill solutions, yet be fully compliant with their internal laws and regulations and in line with international financial practices.

iFinancial has its offices in BVI, Dubai, Sri Lanka, South Africa, DRC and Kenya.
Independent and privately owned with a global presence


  • Government and Central Bank advisory services: Advising the governments and Central Banks on methods of financing infrastructure needs.
  • Corporate finance and advisory services: alternative ways of financing corporate requirements and managing internal control and governance
  • Government and Central Bank advisory services: Advising the governments and Central Banks on methods of financing infrastructure needs.
  • Takaful and co-op insurance: assisting insurance companies to establish and launch Takaful and/or co-op insurance products and services on a turnkey basis.
  • Reinsurance: structuring conventional and Takaful based reinsurance institutions.
  • Financing Infrastructure Development, Funding Capital Requirements
  • Raising sufficient funds from the private sector for infrastructure development: in the emerging economies has traditionally suffered from lack of satisfactory guarantees and/or return on investment. Moreover, with the current financial crisis in Europe and elsewhere, the old-fashioned sovereign guarantees are considered inadequate by the financial community. iFinancial Management’s solution to these problems is practical and proven to resolve the impasse. The host governments, the investment community and many international institutions welcome our approach.
  • Crowd funding, crowd financing or hyper funding: a method used in which a large pool of individuals invest small sums of money in projects that require substantial funding, such as infrastructure development projects. Crowd funding can also be useful to a company that wishes to sell small portions of its equity to many investors.
  • On April 5, 2012, President Obama signed a new legislation into law that allows for a wider pool of small investors to invest in a company or a large project, with fewer restrictions. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission is tasked to draft specific rules and guidelines that would enact this legislation and protect the investor. A variety of electronic platforms have already been developed to help the investors in choosing and placing such investments.
  • iFinancial Management has extensive experience in Crowd Funding large infrastructure projects, not only in North America and Europe, but also in many emerging markets. We can advise you how to structure such projects, how to promote their sale, and how to reward your investors, so that they continue to invest in your future projects.
  • Takaful and/or Co-op Insurance
  • Takaful has been practiced in various forms since 620 AD. It relies on the simple yet profound principles of community cooperation, elimination of uncertainty concerning subscriptions and compensation for the policyholders.
  • We can create a fully functional Takaful Department in your insurance company, train your key staff, and deliver a fully functional department on a turnkey basis within six (6) months.



BOARD OF DIRECTORS | Dr. Ghassan Azhari

Kamran M. Khozan (www.khozan.com) is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of iFinancial Management Ltd. He is the founder a number of highly successful multinational corporations, among them:

Chemical Vapour Metal Refining Inc. (“CVMR®”), a corporation engaged in mining, metal refining and vapour metallurgy process development. It uses a unique proprietary refining technology and employs over 13,000 engineers and 35,000 technicians in 18 countries. (www.cvmr.ca)

Intermaritime Financial Inc. with offices in Canada, South Africa and Saudi Arabia, is a Shariah Compliant financial institution engaged in wealth management. (www.intermaritimefinancial. com).

Secure Environment Services (“SES”) is a leading provider of homeland security, nonweaponry defence equipment and risk management systems, manufactured at its own facilities in North America and Europe. SES provides a complete continuum of security, defence and risk management products and support services to various governments and the private sector. (www. secures.ca)

From 1984 to 1992, Mr. Khozan was the Commissioner for the Lead Project’s Centres of Excellence, appointed by the Prime Minister of Canada. During this period, he established some 24 Centres of Excellence, which continue to function successfully to date. These Centres act as the focal point for a variety of state-of-the-art technologies and are a successful example of co-operation between industries, three levels of government and universities in Canada.

From 1992 to 1998 he served with the Canadian Federal Department of Justice and the Ontario Ministries of Solicitor General and Community Safety and Correctional Services and Chaired a number of Commissions within those Ministries.

Kamran M. Khozan is an honorary member of the Chippewa Ojibwa North American Native Band in Canada and a Political Consultant to that Band.

He is a graduate of McGill University with Honours in Economics, and University of Toronto with M.A. in Criminology and Jurisprudence. He is the holder of over 40 seminal international patents in metallurgical processes.

He has acted as a senior advisor to the board of directors of a number of multinational corporations, including Imperial Tobacco, BBC Television and Radio in U.K., Bank of Montreal, Federal Business Development Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto Dominion Bank of Canada, Mitel Corporation and Imperial Oil/Exxon.


Mr. John R. Finley QC, serves as a Director of iFinancial Management Ltd. and its affiliate companies, Intermaritime Financial and Secure Environment Services.

Mr. Finley was a Partner and former Head of the Financial Services National Industry Group and Toronto Financial Services Department of Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP, a leading international law firm based in Canada. He specializes in the areas of corporate and commercial law including corporate governance, corporate finance, securities, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, banking, competition, advertising, marketing and franchising law.

John Finley was the Managing Partner of Smith Lyons LLP from January 1999 until its merger with Gowling Lafleur Henderson in 2001.

He was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1965. John has been active in the affairs of the Canadian Bar Association since 1967, holding a number of federal and provincial positions including President of the Canadian Bar Association of Ontario in 1982.

He is a director of a number of public and private corporations, and has held various executive positions with the Canadian Red Cross Society including the Presidency of Ontario Division and membership of the National Board of Governors.


Tahiré Edirisinghe is the Executive Director of iFinancial Management
Ceylon (pvt) Ltd., a Subsidiary of iFinancial Management Ltd.,
of UK, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Tahiré has extensive experience in the insurance industry. She
worked as an Agent and then as a Manager at New York Life Insurance
Company in New York, USA, from 2007 to 2009 when she commenced
work as Manager of Corporate Sales at Asian Alliance Insurance, in
Colombo, Sri Lanka.
She is a graduate of St. Lawrence University of New York. Tahiré
was a Member of the Sri Lanka Swimming Team from 1997 to 2003.


iFinancial is affiliated with:

LEGAL SPECIALISTS | Dr. Ghassan Azhari

Dr. Azhari is the founder and Managing Partner of Azhari Legal Consultancy in Dubai. Azhari Legal Consultancy handles the legal aspects
of iFinancial’s consultancy services.

Dr. Azhari is a graduate of London School of Economics and Political Science, and earned his Ph.D. (magna cum laude) in Law and Economics from Humboldt University in Berlin in 1997. He was called to the German Bar in Berlin in 1994.
His areas of specialization include: Commercial Law, Corporate Structuring and Re-Structuring, Mergers & Acquisitions and International Tax Law.

Select Publications

The Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards of the United Arab Emirates in Germany in: Arbitration in the Middle East, 2005, p. 30-38

Gesellschaftsrechtlicher Handlungsrahmen der Geschäftsleitung in der Unternehmenskrise (Corporate law relating frame of action of the management during company crisis), in: Betrieb und Wirtschaft 2002, p. 989 – 996

Haftungsrisiken bei verschleierten Sachgründungen und Sachkapital-erhöhungen sowie deren Heilungsmöglichkeiten“ („Liability Risks in Concealed Formations by Non-Cash Capital Contribution and in Capital Increases by Way of Contributions in Kind, and the Means of Remedying them“), in: Betrieb und Wirtschaft, 2000, p. 154 – 157

“Die Ausfall- und Haftungsrisiken kreditgewährender Banken in der Krise und Insolvenz des kreditnehmenden Unternehmens“ („Default and Liability Risks Incurred by Banks Lending to Companies in a Crisis or Insolvent Companies“), in: Betrieb und Wirtschaft, 1999, p. 23 – 33.

“Rechtsprobleme der Gründungsorganisationen kleiner Kapitalgesell-schaften, Ein Vergleich: Deutschland, Singapur und U.S.A.“, 1997 (“Legal Problems Involved in the Formation of Small Corporations – A Comparison between Germany, Singapore, and the USA“).

Colloquium on insolvency law at Humboldt-University Berlin during the winter term 2001/2002, 2002/2003 and during the summer term 2002.

EXECUTIVES | Rohail Alikhan

Mr. Al Shamali is a Senior Associate, Corporate and Litigation, at Azhari Legal Consultancy, in Dubai. He is an expert in Sharia Law, Islamic Banking and Takaful. Muhannad is a member of Syrian Bar Association.

Mr. Al Shamali worked at the Legal Department of Syrian Islamic Insurance Company for over 3 years and practiced law for 7 years in Syria. His Economic and legal research and publications include: “Common Arab market and the Twentieth Century Challenges”, “Introduction to Islamic Insurance” and “The Role of Islamic Banks in Finance and Investment.”
He studied Islamic Banking at the Al Masar Centre For Training and Development, and Islamic Insurance (Takaful) at Asmai Institute in Damascus in 2007.

Muhannad completed his law degree at the University of Damascus in 2005 his post graduate work include International Economic Relations at the Planning Institute For Economic & Social development in 2007, and Claims Course regarding the inspection of rejected compensation insurance companies, at Shuaa Al Sham Corp. in Damascus, in 2009.

EXECUTIVES | Ehsan Waquar

Syed Usman Kazim is a senior Associate, Corporate and Commercial, at Azhari Legal Consultancy, in Dubai. He obtained his LLB from the University of Punjab in 2002 and was called to Lahore High Court Bar in 2004. He received his Masters in International Law from the University of Warwick, in UK in 2007.

Mr. Kazim is an expert in Islamic finance, Islamic banking, commercial law and corporate structuring and restructuring

EXECUTIVES | Dr. Taha El Tayeb

Before joining iFinancial Management as an expert on Takaful, Katharina Pfannkuch worked as an Intern in the department of international and technical cooperation of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdien stleistungsaufsicht – BaFin), Frankfurt a. M., and an intern at Azhari Legal Consultancy, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2010.

From 2008 to 2010, she worked in the Department of Foreign Trade within the Hamburg State Ministry of Economic and Labour Affairs in Hamburg, and as an Assistant in the German-African Business Association (Afrika-Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft).

Katharina Pfannkuch is a Research assistant in the Department of Islamic Law of the Institute of Oriental Studies and a Ph.D. candidate completing her thesis in Islamic Insurance (General Takaful) at the University of Leipzig, Germany.

She obtained her Master’s degree in Near and Middle Eastern studies from the University of Leipzig with specialization on Islamic Law, in 2011. The topic of her Master’s thesis was the integration of Islamic Insurance concepts into the German legal framework. She completed her Bachelor’s degree also in Islamic Studies from Christian Albrechts University of Kiel in Germany. She speaks German, Arabic, French, Spanish and English.


“Islamische Versicherungen – Konzepte und Modelle des Islamic Finance-Marktes”, Bremen 2012, Europäischer Hochschulverlag.

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EXECUTIVES | Mohamed Ali Maawy

Mohamed Maawy serves as the Director of Business Development for iFinancial Management in Kenya. He is a seasoned banker with over 20 years of experience in banking, finance and investment advisory services.

Mohammed was most recently with the Citibank in Kenya, where he spent over 12 years in various departments, including Operations and Consumer Banking. Prior to that, he was involved in Project Management for the International Credit Bank of Uganda, the National Bank of Kenya and Stanbic Bank.

Mr. Maawy has extensive Islamic banking experience, having structured the first Islamic Import Financing for Kenya in 2001. He also served as a Consultant to Gulf African Bank (the first Islamic Bank in Kenya) on Developing Collateral Management Trade Finance, and to CFC Financial Services on coordinating HSBC’s (Geneva) Islamic Private Banking.

EXECUTIVES | Rohail Alikhan

Rohail is the Head of Takaful Advisory Team at iFinancial Management. His work experience includes:

  • 2009-2011 Director and Chief Executive Officer of Pak-Qatar General Takaful Company.
  • 2006-2008 General Manager of Takaful Pakistan Ltd.
  • 2004-2006 Deputy General Manager of Pak-Kuwait Takaful Company Ltd.
  • 1996-2004 Managing Director and Group CEO of Safecrest Pakistan (PVT) Ltd., and
  • 1993-1995 Corporate Manager of Adamlee Insurance Company.

He received his Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Insurance from the Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance in London, UK; and his Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance from the Center for Islamic Economics in Karachi, Pakistan. He graduated from University of Toronto with Honours in 1992.

EXECUTIVES | Ehsan Waquar

Ehsan Waquar is among the few scholars who have the rare combination of religious and contemporary education. This unique blend allows him to understand and correlate commercial transactions with Sharia principles. Ehsan has a Masters in Traditional Islamic Studies, specializing in Islamic Jurisprudence, Fiqh, Usool, Hadith and Quranic Tafseer in addition to a Masters in Economics and Business Administration with major in Finance.

Having diversified experience of working at senior levels of management over 15 years, Ehsan Waquar is one of the leading Sharia scholars in Pakistan and currently retained as a Sharia Advisor for UBL Bank in Pakistan. He also sits on the Technical Committee of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP), and is responsible for developing Accounting & Auditing Standards for Islamic Financial Institutions in that country. He is a member of Sharia Advisors Forum at State Bank of Pakistan and actively involved in the development of Sharia Standards and resolving Sharia matters pertaining to Islamic Banks in Pakistan.

Ehsan Waquar is a specialist in Islamic structured products, Sukuk, Islamic retail and corporate products. He is Head of sharia Compliance at iFinancial Management.

EXECUTIVES | Dr. Taha El Tayeb

Dr. Taha El Tayeb has extensive experience at a senior management level working for institutions such as Mashreq Al Islami Bank and Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance. He is now a member of iFinancial management’s team in charge of Sharia Compliance and Sharia Audit

Dr. El Tayeb has been involved in training, consultancy, and research in the Islamic banking and finance sectors for the last 25 years. He has also conducted and published a number of research projects and has been actively involved in the development of Islamic Accounting Standards.

He obtained his PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance from the University of Bath in UK, BSc and MSc in Accounting and Finance from the University of Khartoum, Sudan, and advance training from IMEDE, Switzerland and Harvard University, USA.

EXECUTIVES | Ms. Samreen Haneef

Ms. Haneef has extensive banking and consulting experience, providing financial advice. She worked for KPMG in the Risk Advisory Services prior to joining ANZ Bank in Australia in their Risk Management Department.

Samreen has wide banking sector experience and is specialized in Basel Implementation, managing enterprise risk, corporate governance, regulatory and operational risk, information and security risk, technology risk and market and credit risk.

At iFinancial Management, Ms. Samreen Haneef is in charge of Risk Management,. Basel Implementation, Corporate Governance and Compliance Reviews.

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